Supercharge πŸ’ͺ your Basecamp with Can Do!

Supercharge πŸ’ͺ your Basecamp with Can Do!

We are Basecamp aficionados and use it to run our entire company.

We love their API and want not-techies to take advantage of it as well.
Can do integrates with Basecamp so you can get more out of it without touching a line of code.

A man is holding a megaphone and saying, boost your Basecamp now.

Go from user to Power User πŸ‘Œ

Turn time-consuming tasks into simple, impactful actions.
No need to know all about APIs - we've made it simple for you!

Basecamp superpowers for
your company πŸ¦Έβ€β™‚οΈ

Use any of our mini-apps to maximize what you do with your Basecamp account.

Chrome Extension
Chrome Extension

A new pal for your browser. Seamlessly integrated into your Chrome browser, the extension allows you to:

  • Quick Card Creation

    Whip up cards on the fly without the need to log into Basecamp. Plus, you can easily tack on a URL and a due date.

  • Favorites Tab

    Effortlessly tag any item within Basecamp as a favorite for snappy access and review your additions from the shiny new favorites tab.

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Archive Completed To-dos
Archive Completed To-dos

Archive your To-Do, not To-Dump. Keep a tally of your completed tasks. With this feature, you can ensure a more organized history of your accomplished activities.

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Zoom Chatbot
Zoom Chatbot

Fan favorite! Switch to a Zoom call in seconds. Use our chatbot to create Zoom meetings effortlessly - whether you're on a ping with someone or a group chat.

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Bulk Archive
Bulk Archive

Declutter your Basecamp workspace in seconds! Archive old projects, messages, and cards quickly and easily.

Bulk Archive gif

Don't just whisper in one ear when you can shout in the room. Broadcast your message across multiple projects with one swift click. A singular post, echoed across your landscape of projects.

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Mass To-dos
Mass To-dos

Craft a to-do list wherever you're comfortable - Docs, Notes, Word, Notepad, you name it! Then, let Can Do bring it to life in Basecamp. Just copy and paste!

Mass Todos gif
Mass Cards
Mass Cards

Populate your workspace with Mass Cards. Fabricate an entire hand of cards from a list crafted in your preferred note taking app - just copy and paste!

Mass Todos gif
Transfer Cards
Transfer Cards

Elevate your organization game - move an entire hand of cards from one column to another, all in one smooth motion.

Mass Todos gif
Markers (Line Up)
Markers (Line Up)

Line Up, but make it yours. Add multiples markers for every notable milestone - every week, every holiday, whatever - with one quick copy-paste action.

Mass Todos gif
Many more coming soon!
Stay tuned.🀩
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Simple Pricing

Unlock advanced features previously only accessible through the API

14 Day Free trial

No credit card required



$10 per admin
Unlimited usage
Cancel anytime
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$100 per admin
Unlimited usage
Personal Onboarding
Wishlist Priority

Frequently Asked Questions πŸ’­

Can it Do this? Can it Do that?

Is Can Do for Basecamp available for all users?

Can Do is primarily for Basecamp account owners and admins. That said, some of our mini-apps such as the Zoom bot, can be used by everyone as long as it is installed by an administrator or account owner.

What are the mini apps?

These are basic tools that you can choose to use (or not) to supercharge your Basecamp usage. Pick and choose! We are developing new ones all the time.

Can I suggest a new mini-app I'd like to see?

Definitely! Your suggestions are what drive us. Do drop us an email at [email protected] detailing your use case. Rest assured, we read and mull over EVERY suggestion we receive.

Do I need to download or install anything?

Not at all! Can Do uses Basecamp's public API to safely connect to your account and works its magic in the background. So there are zero downloads or extensions required.

Is Can Do for Basecamp secure?

Absolutely! At Can Do, we respect your data privacy and work diligently to ensure your data's security. We use Basecamp's public API to connect to your account without storing any personal information. Rest assured that all data transmission is securely encrypted, and we do not store any of your data.

How will Can Do affect my Basecamp experience?

Can Do for Basecamp aims to enhance your Basecamp experience. It introduces new functionalities only previous possible with a custom API solution. However, your core Basecamp experience will remain unchanged. Can Do just adds more tools for you to use or ignore.

What happens if Can Do is disconnected from Basecamp?

If for some reason, Can Do is disconnected from your Basecamp, all the extra functionality that Can Do provides will stop working. However, your Basecamp account and all your data will remain intact and continue to function as normal.

What happens if Basecamp develops a feature previously fulfilled by the mini-apps?

If Basecamp builds functionality offered by one of our mini-apps and our version doesn't bring anything extra to the table, we'll gladly retire it. Our aim is to complement Basecamp, not to compete with it. When Basecamp adopts a new feature, we celebrate! Keep in mind that we are constantly working on developing new integrations!

Who are you guys, anyway?

We're a group of... can you say fans, who use Basecamp every day to run IQTHINK (our main gig). We are very active in the Basecamp community and have been 37signals customers for over 15 years. We're thrilled to have Can Do featured by Basecamp on the integrations page at Everything we build lately is exclusively on Rails and Hotwire.

Do I have to pay for every user on our account?

No, we only bill for admins and account owners that sign up as paid users. So if your organization has 20 users, but you're the only one using Can Do as an admin, you only pay for your account.

Can I cancel my subscription anytime?

You bet! We offer a no-questions-asked 30-day refund. For folks on the yearly plan, we're more than willing to negotiate a prorated refund if need be. Just drop us a line at [email protected].

What should I do if I encounter technical issues with Can Do?

If you run into any technical issues when using Can Do (not Basecamp), please reach out to us immediately at [email protected].

Does using Can Do for Basecamp ensure world peace and prevent alien invasions?

While we're quite confident in the power of Can Do, ensuring world peace and securing the Earth from potential alien invasions might be slightly outside our specs. However, with streamlined projects and a happy team using our software, who knows? A peaceful workspace might just inspire world peace and scare away the aliens!

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